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Decades of perseverance under the stars and sweat have resulted in an industry monument

  • YUZHEN Technology is a national high-tech enterprise and has obtained more than 40 patents of various types.
  • YUZHEN Technology's core R&D team, mainly from Tsinghua University and University of Electronic Science and Technology, has been rooted in the machine vision industry for many years; the R&D capability of image inspection software is industry leading.
  • Tsinghua University Suzhou Research Institute Industry Fund participated in the new round of investment, backed by the strong scientific research strength of Tsinghua University Suzhou Research Institute, is committed to providing first-class visual inspection equipment for the plastic packaging industry.
  • 33


    Utility Model Patents

  • 12


    Patents for inventions (11 in progress)

  • 8


    Software copyright

  • 2


    Appearance patents

Computer software copyright registration certificate


— VisionCheck inspection software
— Visual inspection software for high external covers
— Machine vision inspection equipment control software
— Gasket Inspection Software
— Embedded machine vision system software
— Visual Inspection Software

— Visual dimensional inspection software



Patent certificates


— Precise cap rotation device
— Precise positioning and detection devices
— Spray code inspection equipment
— A high speed capping system
— A precise bottle cap dispensing system
— A printing off-colour detection device

— A high speed vacuum conveying and cap inspection device

— A square bottle device for in-motion steering detection

— Laser stereo automatic positioning device

— Automatic turntable plastic bottle separator



YUZEN focuses on quality inspection in the plastic packaging industry, mainly serving customers in the food and drug packaging, rubber and plastic packaging industries, helping customers to optimise production processes to save labour, improve product quality and achieve intelligent management of product inspection.

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